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Welcome to the AFPMP Newsletter

Welcome to the newsletter of the French-Filipino association in Toulouse, France (AFPMP – Amitiés Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées). For more information about the association, please visit our contacts page.

This new web site is an effort by the association to take advantage of the ubiquitous presence and extensive reach of the internet. In this new web site, the interaction with the readers is enhanced and communication is a lot more flexible and readily available. In addition, more information is easily accessible with links and videos.

Being assigned as the new Editor in chief, I have spearheaded this web site operation and administration with my knowledge on WordPress web design, being an experienced blogger of over 15 years, an IT Engineer of almost 20 years, and having a decent (bit) of experience in writing. As a student, I have always been a regular contributor to the school paper both in primary and secondary. As a professional, my experience with writing is limited to blogging, being a part of the old (emailed PDF version) newsletter of AFPMP, and my lifelong affinity towards the written word.

This September 2020 issue of the newsletter discusses opinions about the pandemic, lots and lots of recipes and cooking demos, events (past and future), profiles of Filipinos in Toulouse, and a heart-warming essay about “Linggo ng Wika” celebration in the Philippines.

Special thanks to all the contributors who made this special issue come into fruition, and to all the friends who lent a hand and cheered me on.

I hope you find this issue interesting and entertaining. Happy reading! 🙂

Rio Sebastian



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