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Christmas 2020 Greeting

by Jeffrey Cabuay, Philippine Honorary Consul in Toulouse Before anything else, I would like to congratulate the association, Association Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées, for organizing this event. You have always shown your implication and joy to the promotion of the Filipino community. Thank you Madam President, Tess Thomassin. Thank you officers.  This year, I was toContinue reading “Christmas 2020 Greeting”

AFPMP Virtual Christmas Party

by Crissie Capina On the evening of 20th of December 2020, the Amitié Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées (AFPMP) held a virtual Christmas party via Messenger. It was well attended by its members together with their family and friends who were with them in their respective homes. The master of the ceremony was the multi-talented Treasurer, MsContinue reading “AFPMP Virtual Christmas Party”

Filipino Themed Christmas Postcards for a Cause

POST UPDATE (20/11/2020): A portion of the sales from the first batch of orders of my Christmas Cards for a Cause project is now being used to help victims of typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan Valley in the Philippines via AFPMP (Association of Filipino and French community in Toulouse). Thanks to all those lovely people who […]Continue reading “Filipino Themed Christmas Postcards for a Cause”

Upcoming Activities, Events, and Announcements

A mass will be held on behalf of our dearly departed friend, Niera on 9th March. For details, visit the AFPMP group page. The association is now collecting the membership fees for 2021. Please send your payment before March 31. Contact Vangie Baudet, Roda Herbrard or Josie Baldacchino for details. Meals for a cause areContinue reading “Upcoming Activities, Events, and Announcements”

Language or Dialect?

by Rio Sebastian I’ve recently been wondering about the difference between a language and a dialect. When I was in school in the early 80’s, my Filipino subject teachers would tell us there is only one language in the Philippines — Filipino or Pilipino, as we call it locally. The rest (some 300+ others), includingContinue reading “Language or Dialect?”

Kulitan : The Indigenous Pampango Script

by Rio Sebastian If you grew up in the Tagalog-speaking regions of the Philippines, chances are, you have only ever heard of Baybayin as the country’s traditional writing script. But in fact, there are a lot more indigenous scripts that existed long before the Spanish occupation. One of them is Kulitan or Sulat Kapampangan, aContinue reading “Kulitan : The Indigenous Pampango Script”

Pinoy Profile: Jimmy Ong

In this article, we feature a short, fun profile of one of the very few Pinoys (coz we’re mostly Pinays here) living in Occitanie. Name: Jimmy Ong Province: Negros Occidental Current Work: Data Scientist Hobbies: PC Gaming, painting, reading, eating, watching series Favorites: Filipino food: Adobo for life French food: Entrecote, Pizza au truffle FilipinoContinue reading “Pinoy Profile: Jimmy Ong”

Travel Tales: El Nido, Palawan

by Rio Sebastian If you’re looking to escape the bitter cold of winter, El Nido, Palawan is the best destination there is. It has beautiful white beach islands, far away from the madding crowd, with lots of fun water activities to offer as well. In Palawan, you don’t even need to go deep diving toContinue reading “Travel Tales: El Nido, Palawan”

A Reminder About Anxiety…

Just a friendly reminder… in these times of forced isolation, and stress brought about by the current health crisis, it’s best to look after loved ones (or even your own self) who might be experiencing some level of anxiety. It takes on different forms, just so you know… Most people don’t even know they’re experiencingContinue reading “A Reminder About Anxiety…”