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Christmas 2020 Greeting

by Jeffrey Cabuay, Philippine Honorary Consul in Toulouse Before anything else, I would like to congratulate the association, Association Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées, for organizing this event. You have always shown your implication and joy to the promotion of the Filipino community. Thank you Madam President, Tess Thomassin. Thank you officers.  This year, I was toContinue reading “Christmas 2020 Greeting”

A Reminder About Anxiety…

Just a friendly reminder… in these times of forced isolation, and stress brought about by the current health crisis, it’s best to look after loved ones (or even your own self) who might be experiencing some level of anxiety. It takes on different forms, just so you know… Most people don’t even know they’re experiencingContinue reading “A Reminder About Anxiety…”