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Christmas 2020 Greeting

by Jeffrey Cabuay, Philippine Honorary Consul in Toulouse Before anything else, I would like to congratulate the association, Association Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées, for organizing this event. You have always shown your implication and joy to the promotion of the Filipino community. Thank you Madam President, Tess Thomassin. Thank you officers.  This year, I was toContinue reading “Christmas 2020 Greeting”

AFPMP Virtual Christmas Party

by Crissie Capina On the evening of 20th of December 2020, the Amitié Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées (AFPMP) held a virtual Christmas party via Messenger. It was well attended by its members together with their family and friends who were with them in their respective homes. The master of the ceremony was the multi-talented Treasurer, MsContinue reading “AFPMP Virtual Christmas Party”

Filipino Themed Christmas Postcards for a Cause

POST UPDATE (20/11/2020): A portion of the sales from the first batch of orders of my Christmas Cards for a Cause project is now being used to help victims of typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan Valley in the Philippines via AFPMP (Association of Filipino and French community in Toulouse). Thanks to all those lovely people who […]Continue reading “Filipino Themed Christmas Postcards for a Cause”