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Pinoy Profile: Jimmy Ong

In this article, we feature a short, fun profile of one of the very few Pinoys (coz we’re mostly Pinays here) living in Occitanie.

Name: Jimmy Ong

Province: Negros Occidental

Current Work: Data Scientist

Hobbies: PC Gaming, painting, reading, eating, watching series


Filipino food: Adobo for life

French food: Entrecote, Pizza au truffle

Filipino movie: wala pa akong maisip

French movie: Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis

word in Ilonggo: palangga (dear or love)

word in french: echantillon, champagne, (charot haha)

quote: Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan,

malamang nagmamadali

What was your first job? Deutsche Knowledge Services Associate

Did you like it? so-so

When did you move out of the Philippines? August 2005, when I went to USA after getting a full scholarship

Which countries have you lived in? Philippines, USA, France

What is so hard about living abroad? Homesickness, adjusting to new culture and new environment

Why did you move to France? To do my masters in economics

What do you miss most about PH? Spending time with family, the beaches, carefree mindset

What do you like most like about France? l’art de vivre…and passion for art and culture

What do you hate most about PH? The corruption, lack of discipline

What do you hate most about France? Love for paperasse, french bureaucracy 

How do you cope with COVID?  teletravail, mask and frequent hand washing, tongits nights with friends, painting session with filipino artists in toulouse, lots of cat videos

What do you want to say to people reading this article? 

I think you just lost 2 mins of your life. Read Desiderata, it’s full of wisdom.


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