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Vloggers in Toulouse

For those of you seeking entertainment on Youtube, please do check out these Filipino vloggers in Toulouse:

The Lacours in action is a family-oriented vlog by the Lacours family. It documents the life of a French-Filipino couple in Toulouse who have recently had a cute little pink bundle of joy otherwise known as Baby G. They also have two adorable cats, Mayon and Silay, something to look forward to for all the cat lovers out there. Joechelle shares her life as a new mom, her cooking and yoga skills, and everyday life experience.

The Pinoy Baguettes documents the lives of Filipino expats living in the south of France as they explore the French culture, the beauteous places in France, and provide helpful information to Pinoy travelers or fellow expats who want to see more of the country. This channel aims to educate and entertain by showing the differences and similarities between the European and Filipino culture.

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