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Goodbye, Niera

by Rio Sebastian

Early this year, the French-Filipino community in Toulouse bid goodbye to one of its members. Niera was a kind and thoughtful friend, a loving wife and mother.

Despite the short time that we have spent with her, we shall always remember her easy smiles, her positive ways, her unwavering faith, and her love for life.

She had so many dreams that she shared with us. She wanted to travel, even shared her plans of going back to the Philippines with her family someday. She was so full of inspiration and strength and willingness to fight against the odds of beating the tough times and the disease that befell her.

Even in her final days, she was full of courage, positivity and inspiration. The French-Filipino community was brought even closer together coping with the loss of an extraordinary person and a loving friend.

We love you and miss you, Niera.

photo courtesy of Gemma Autret


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