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Fresh and Organic Produce for a Cause

by Rio Sebastian

If you’re looking for organic and home-grown fruits and vegetables and give to charity at the same time, Ate Thelma sells fresh fruits and veggies for a small price. Proceeds of her sales go to a charitable institution in the Philippines that she supports.

She has an orchard with figs, cherries, etc. Her vegetable garden boasts of edibles that are usually grown in the tropics like bananas, chayote, calamansi, bottle gourd (upo), bitter gourd (ampalaya), and siling labuyo (chili) among others.

image credit: Rio Sebastian

It’s always a pleasure for me to visit her garden. This week, I was able to drop by and get lots of tomatoes, figs, upo and sayote. I even got her homemade fig confiture, and had snacks of Suman and English tea (her husband is a native of England).


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