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Farm Visit in Foix

By Tess Thomassin

Just after the lockdown,  we were all excited to go out. But where? By chance sis Angie Mervoyer shared a picture of where they live on the AFPMP Facebook page inviting us to visit them. It was a wonderful experience to go to this quiet place and breathe some fresh air from the mountains. The children were so happy to caress some  lovely sheep, to see chicks and ducks for the first time, and to hug horses. 

After the visit, we did a picnic in the forest where Angie and Vincent’s yurt stands. Some decided to have a siesta while the others went hiking to see the magnificent view of Herm from the top. We ended the visit by having a swim in the river to refresh ourselves. The children were happy to dip into the cold water.

Thank you so much once again, Vincent, sis  Angie and Joakim for the warm welcome.  Everybody had fun and enjoyed the day very much. We will absolutely come back in autumn, winter and spring.


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