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Coping with COVID in France

There is no denying that 2020 is definitely one of the most challenging years in history. We’re already in the last quarter of the year but there is still no clear solution to the issues brought about by the Corona virus. Here in France, the situation is no different from the rest of the planet.

In this article, Gemma Autret shares the hardships she encountered during these trying times, and how she managed to turn a difficult situation into a positive learning experience:

“Isa lang kami sa maraming pamilyang nawalan ng hanapbuhay during covid times. Hubby was supposed to change jobs in a new and better company when the lockdown happened and because of that he lost his job. We didn’t have any help from the government because of his situation, and so, we had to do something about it.

During the lockdown, we we’re frustrated because we didn’t know how long this lockdown will be. Our savings will not be enough, but we have to stay strong. We tried to think and stay positive because we knew there are worst cases than ours. During this lockdown we spend our time together as a family.

My husband, Kevin, had more time with the kids. We cooked together and discovered recipes together. We made a lot of homemade recipes from dishes to baking. One thing that made me realize for sure, that it’s not the end of the world but its the beginning of something new.

My husband now is working as an independent painter he has his own company now as a painter Kaps (Kevin Autret painting and services). This has been his long-time plan. I think it was perfect timing.

As for me, I have just started my watercolor painting business, and also selling some Filipino baked goodies. Life must move on. We all hope that this pandemic will pass soon and don’t let it take us down but instead lead us to a better future.”


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